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    Railway, Winchester.



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    Recent Releases


    Franck Condon

    Purity Hall

    CDR Ltd x 50/DL


    Joe Evans

    Affected Piano

    CDR & DL




    CDR Ltd x 100




    CDR Ltd x 100/DL


    Joe Evans

    Ecliptic Plane

    CDR/DataDVD Ltd x 100/DL



    The Instrument

    LP Ltd x 200/DL


    Stephen Christopher Stamper

    Begin Anywhere

    CD-R Ltd x 100/DL


    Daniel W J Mackenzie
    'Return Written Arrange'

    CD-R Ltd x 100/DL


    Guy Birkin


    Double CD-R Ltd x 100/DL


    Craig Burston & Joe Evans

    Systems out of Chance




    Selected Works '94 - '00

    CD-R Ltd x 100/DL

    unSelected Works '94 - '97

    CD-R only Ltd x 100



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  • Latest News



    Runningonair has Moved!

    Actually not that far.  If you are here you must have used runningonair.com, to get to the new site please use www.runningonair.com


    I'm not sure how long this will be here or exactly what will get transferred.  Have  look round.  Most importantly, the shop still works, please feel free to test it yourself.



    Seismology CD-r - Release - Ltd 50

    With just one day to go till Seismology, there's just enough time announce the companion CD.  I'm very pleased with the way this has come out it really shows the diverse musical style that the artists encompass, which is one of the main points of the Ologies.  Have a listen here:



    Buy CD!



    Franck Condon - Purity Hall - Release - Ltd 50

    I'm very pleased to announce the latest runningonair release.  This marks a change of production method, which will continues with all major releases for the foreseeable future, hand screen printed covers.  Having said the that, the music remains the focus, and in this case were listening to artist that is directly influenced by his work as a scientist.  To find out more, check out the release page here.



    Buy CD inc. Download Here!

    Buy Download Only Here!




    Seismology - 27-04-13 - The Railway, Winchester.

    The next Ologies gig is now in preparation and tickets are on sale here:


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    More Information




    Phrenology Video


    If you weren't able to make it to the last gig check out this rather nice video put together by Gianmarco Del Re.



    Phrenology from Gianmarco Del Re on Vimeo.



    Joe Evans - Affected Piano now available to Download


    Originally released on Somehow Recordings back in July, I've decided to release it as a download for those who are running out of space.  Currently I have 7 hand numbered copies out of 10, which have been "Jazzed up " with a printer and a couple of rubber stamps.  There are also a number left at somehow. finally, also available to stream here.




    Phrenology Gig - @ The Railway, Winchester - 29-09-12


    CD now available to Pre-order


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    Have a listen here:



    Phrenology Gig - @ The Railway, Winchester - 29-09-12


    Full line-up and details here




    Regolith - And... - Now on general release!


    This album has already caused a stir getting a 5 star review over at Norman Records.  With comments like "I could listen to this one over and over." and "This is close to perfect, I canít believe thereís only 100 of them.", there's very little left to say.  My advice, get one quick!


    Buy CDr Here!



    oh and... here's an accompanying video:




    Regolith - And... - New Release - 8-6-12


    Next up, an album that combines subtle clangourous soundscapes with classic rhythmically driven minimalist structure. The result is a fascinating listen that I would genuinely be surprised if anyone has achieved before. Info Here , Excerpts here:


    Regolith - And... - Sampler - Released 08-06-12


    Pre-Order CDr and Download Here! or

    Buy Download Here!


    More News



    Joe Evans - Ecliptic Plane- Release


    Here's a couple of excerpts from the next release, which will be available from 01/05/2012.  More info here




    Joe Evans - Ecliptic Plane - Sampler - Released 01-05-12 by runningonair


    Buy CD/DVD Includes Download 




    Suborno - The Instrument - Release



    Release day is here at last and I think it's fair to say, the response has been excellent.  Check out these reviews for more on that.


    To coincide with the release, Suborno has been secretly working on a new EP also out today and kindly offered as a free download.



    Buy LP Includes Download

    Listen here:





    Suborno - The Instrument


    Yesterday I had the exciting news that the LPs were in and ready to be shipped.  With luck, this means I'll be able to start sending out pre-orders as of beginning of next week so now's the time to check this one out, as interest is high and I expect it to fly. 



    Joe Evans - at Bang the Bore XII: CODED TRANSMISSIONS - 3/3/12


    I'll be performing live versions of two pieces Resonant TNOs and Affected Piano IV both to be released over the next year.




    Joe Evans - Resonant TNOs  




    New Release - Stephen Christopher Stamper - Begin Anywhere


    Itís always a pleasure after working on a project for long time to finally release the results and this is no exception. When you listen to ďBegin Anywhere?there are certain tracks that will blow you away with little effort from the listener. For me it was ďa sailors life?which provokes an sense of awe, like a star filled sky. Echoes of that track resonate throughout the work rather like microwave background radiation from the big bang. The lovely and ingenious ďCantus in Memoriam? is another beautiful piece. Other tracks are darker, more dissonant and take a little time to get into but these are the ones that will grow on you with repeated listens. Enjoy!


    Buy CD Includes Download





    New Release - Daniel W J Mackenzie - 'Return Written Arrange'


    Iím really pleased to announce the release of this superb piece of work by Dan Mackenzie.  Dan is already well known for his improvisational music under the name Ekca Liena.  In this album he takes a more compositional line, exploring minimalism, aleatory and the Fibonacci sequence, the results being extremely effective and emotive music, at time touching on the intimacy you might find in a Thomas Newman score.

    I hope you enjoy this as much as Iíve enjoyed working on the release.


    Buy CD Includes Download





    Music Lab 1 Gig, Winchester, 3rd December 2011


    In an attempt to stir up the usual round of Gilbert & Sullivan, touring Shakespeare and Am-Dram (all very good Iím sure), Runningonair Music will  be holding a concert/film show of experimental music and video.  This will be the first of what I hope will become a regular event, so if youíre in the area (or even if your not) please come along and show your support. 



    This will be an evening of firsts, with new live sets from both Ekca Liena and Venona Pers as well as the premier screening of ďEcliptic Plane?by Joe Evans.  There will also be a selection of CDs and DVDs by the artists available for sale at reduced cost.


    Music aside, the venue is the Hyde Tavern which is a very interesting little real ale pub a short walk from Winchester station.  Well worth a visit at any time.  More info here.  It is small though, so best to book ahead.


    Buy Tickets Here!  ?  E-mailed, Please print out and bring with you.





    Guy Birkin - Symmetry-Breaking - Reviews


    There's been a good response to this release with a nice review at Fluid Radio as well as a number of mentions on various blogs.  Thanks to all who have purchased one already.  More coming soon...





    Guy Birkin - Symmetry-Breaking - Sound Clips


    Sound clips of the album are now up at soundcloud and here they are.  Already both Norman Records and Experimedia have reserved stock.  Full production now underway for this very unusual release!





    Guy Birkin - Symmetry-Breaking - Release 11-07-11


    It's been a long time coming but I can finally announce the release date to be 11/07/2011.  There's a great deal that can be said about this work and you can find more information about it here.  All I'll say in this space, is that Guy has produced some of the most interesting music I've heard over the last couple of years, which is why I'm very pleased that he has agreed to release his debut through Runningonair Music.  I'll upload a selection of sound clips shortly but until then this is one to watch!





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